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St. George UT HR and Payroll Outsourcing

From convenient payroll systems to onboarding new employees, Alliance offers the resources and exceptional talent needed for all your St. George HR services.

Comprehensive human resource management for small to medium-sized businesses in St. George, UT.

Necessary tasks like finding compliant employee benefits packages or managing time and attendance tracking can quickly take up your precious time, time that could have been spent growing your business. But that’s where Alliance can step in. Our HR and payroll services provide relief to small and midsize business owners who need to devote their time and energy on other projects.

We are a human resource outsourcing company, serving businesses throughout Utah, including those in the St. George area. Our job is to take those administrative and HR responsibilities off your plate so that your business can continue to run smoothly. We’ll handle the paperwork and tedious tasks, you focus on increasing company revenue and reach.


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What We Do

Let Alliance set up a simple time and attendance tracking system complete with an employee time clock app and easy integration with your HR and payroll system. Need someone to handle the payroll processing so that you’re prepared when tax season rolls around? We’ll help you there too. Plus, any new hires can easily be inputted into the system with our eHire platform for onboarding new employees.

An effective risk management plan can save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding safety hazards and expensive lawsuits. Contact us in St. George, UT to run a business risk analysis of your company. Protect your business with workers’ compensation, harrassment and discrimination trainings, and other risk mitigation measures.

Happy employees means a more productive workforce and a greater retention rate for applicants seeking employment with you. Let our St. George team sort through employee benefits packages to find and administer the right match for your employees, including health insurance and retirement plans.

Meet with Our St. George HR Consultants

Request a free quote today for our customizable HR and payroll management services. We look forward to meeting with your business in St. George, UT to discuss ways to save you time and establish a strong internal foundation for your company.