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Time and Attendance Tracking

Improve the accuracy of your time and attendance tracking with this convenient time management software for small to midsize businesses.

Make employee time tracking simple for you and your staff with an all-in-one scheduling and time clock app.

Give your employees the convenience of a time and attendance tracking system that they can access right from their phone. With one touch, they can clock in or out for the day, schedule vacation days and more.

All information is safely tucked away in our cloud-based software and can be accessed by employers and supervisors for more accurate time and attendance tracking. Alliance offers full customer support and training so that you and your staff can take full advantage of this employee time clock software that easily integrates with your payroll system. Employee time tracking has never been easier.

    • User-friendly mobile/desktop app
    • Cloud-based, secure system
    • Simple scheduling and paid time off requests
    • Geolocation time tracking
    • System trainings and 24 hour customer support

Reliable and easy-to-navigate

Time and attendance tracking system

Contact our specialists at Alliance today to discuss what struggles your company faces when it comes to accurately monitoring or inputting employee schedules. We’ve seen just how effective this time clock app and its integrated software can be for common hassles and mishaps businesses encounter.

Let us get you set up with an affordable solution that benefits everyone at your company.

App Features

What all can this time and attendance app do for you? Its several features include, but are not limited to the following:

Employees can clock in or out in wherever work takes them that day from the convenience of their smartphone. Keep track of where employees are at during work hours with regular attendance and geolocation features for employers.

Upload images of receipts for reimbursement directly from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Make any reimbursements simpler for you and your employees.

Rather than go through the chain of command to schedule paid time off, all employees need to do is request vacation days through the time clock app. Once approved, vacation days will be automatically inputted into the employee’s schedule.

You and your employees can easily check when they are scheduled for that upcoming month right in the app, as well as check when the pay period ends.

Remind employees of an upcoming company holiday or shortened office hours directly on the employee time clock app. These appear near the top of the app’s home screen so employees don’t miss important information and scheduling reminders.

If you or your employees experience technical difficulties with the employee time clock, your time and attendance representative will be readily available to walk you through the best solution.

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