Employee Benefits Packages

We know how important it is to deliver affordable employee and employer benefits to your team. We’re here to help make that happen.

With our competitive employee benefits, Alliance helps you retain and attract high-level talent while providing benefits administration services.

Better benefits leads to better employee satisfaction and more talented new hires.

No matter the industry, strong employee benefits are always better for recruiting and retaining purposes. However, finding an aggressive and comprehensive employee benefits package that will attract employees is no easy feat. Alliance is able to offer businesses a much more affordable price on the benefits you want, along with handling the administrative side that can take up large chunks of your time.


Employee Health Benefits

Choose between various HSA and PPO group health plans when choosing employee health benefits for your team. This is a big decision that can put a lot of pressure on an employer, however our team is readily available to discuss options in great detail to help you choose the best employer and employee benefits package.

Employee Retirement Plans

Give your employees additional financial support as they plan for their futures with affordable 401(k) savings plans for retirement. Choose the contribution amount you wish to match as an employer, eligibility requirements and other details with help from our experienced team.

Alliance can also help you find affordable life insurance policies to offer your employees to give them the peace of mind that their loved ones will be taken care of in the case of unexpected events.

Complete Benefits Administration

Not only can your employee benefits packages cost you dramatically less when you partner with Alliance, we also offer total benefits administration. Even for employers who choose employee benefits with another provider, we’ll do all the necessary paperwork and necessary tasks to provide all eligible staff with the affordable benefits you’ve picked out.

Provide affordable employee health benefits, 401(k) plans and additional benefits through our large network of providers

Customize a benefits package for your particular company and its employees

Notify eligible employees of open enrollment and insurance coverage/benefits options

Help employees make informed decisions when choosing a benefits package by answering any questions and providing detailed information for each plan

Perform regular audits and make any necessary adjustments to confirm that employers meet federal compliance laws

Prepare invoice reconciliation and other routine tasks associated with employee benefits


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