Workers’ Compensation & Business Risk Analysis

Mitigate risk within your company and provide employees with affordable workers’ compensation plans and services.

Protect your business and its employees from workplace injuries with comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance and company risk management strategies.

Alliance makes it simple and cost-effective for small and midsize businesses to get some of the top workers’ compensation benefits available. The plans we offer provide convenient premium payments and include claims management services from our qualified team to avoid any costly litigations.

With Alliance, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you meet compliance regulations for local or federal laws either. Our risk management team will provide an in-depth business risk analysis and company inspections to curtail risk before it leads to a workplace injury or expensive lawsuit.

  • Affordable workers’ compensation insurance plans
  • Customizable plans with several options for credits/discounts
  • Avoid large lump sums with convenient pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation
  • Risk management inspections
  • Safety trainings and written policies for new hire onboarding

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Choose a custom plan from a number of workers’ compensation companies and carriers that are the perfect fit for your business. We’ll walk you through all your options, each one offering the comprehensive support and coverage your employees need. These flexible plans come at a fraction of the cost through Alliance, so that you can offer employees the best coverage without putting a huge dent into your budget.

  • Competitive workers’ compensation insurance
  • Premium pay-as-you-go payments (most employees and employers’ preferred payment method)
  • Return to work (RTW) programs to get employees back sooner when they are medically able

Risk Management Plans

Mitigating risk plays a large role in what we do to ensure that your business and its employees are safe from harm. Our business risk analysis digs deep into daily functions and company operations for a number of different industries. Each inspection is performed by a licensed member of our team who will offer you a customized risk management plan to develop and maintain a safer working environment for all employees.

  • In-depth risk assessment process that’s specific to your particular industry and business location
  • Written safety policies and procedures to be included in employee handbooks
  • Safety, discrimination and harassment trainings for new and current employees
  • Regular risk monitoring to ensure continued safety in the workplace

Claims Management for Workers’ Compensation

As part of our workers’ compensation services, your Alliance representatives will take care of all insurance claims and administrative tasks that go along with workers’ compensation. You have enough on your plate in running your business and ensuring the no other workplace injuries occur. We’ll handle the time-consuming paperwork, while aggressively fighting in behalf of your employees for coverage they deserve.

  • Complete claims processing and adjusting, handled efficiently and properly
  • Safety measures and monitoring to prevent fraudulent insurance claims
  • Coordinate claims with employee health benefits and medical insurance

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