eHire and Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding software solutions that eliminate piles of paperwork and hours of work while smoothly transitioning in new hires.

Simplify the onboarding process and smoothly integrate new employees into your company with Alliance’s eHire software.

Your company’s onboarding process says a lot about your work culture and environment to new hires. Make a strong first impression even before their first day in the office with a modern system that takes the hassle out of onboarding new employees, on their end and yours.


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Give new employees a warm welcome with

A step-by-step electronic onboarding process

Keep your onboarding documents more easily organized in this secure, cloud-based system. Best of all, save yourself and your employees hours of tedious paperwork that now can be completed within a few minutes from wherever they choose.

Each required form is clearly laid out in simple steps, as is any information you would like to communicate regarding policies and what new employees can expect on their first day.



Send all onboarding documents, employee handbooks and required forms directly to a new employee where they can access the eHire platform directly on their home computer or mobile device.


Less paperwork is better for everyone. Every part of the onboarding process can be completed online where policies and other important information can be accessed again by employees for future reference.


With this electronic onboarding system, you or your HR department no longer need to take the time to enter in all employee information manually. Completed onboarding forms will connect automatically to direct deposits and payroll, company directories and more.

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