Orem UT HR and Payroll Services

Let us take care of the day-to-day administrative and HR tasks like time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, employee benefits management, and more.

Work with Alliance for simple HR outsourcing for your Orem business.

Every business needs a payroll processing system, business risk analysis, competitive benefits for their employees, and other features to keep the inner workings of their company up and running. But not every business has those resources or the time to dedicate to such HR responsibilities.

Alliance is here to help. Our human resource specialists in Orem, UT can manage these and other tasks that eat up your time, but require consistent attention. Outsource your HR demands our way like employee time tracking, onboarding new employees, risk assessment and management, etc. Because every business is different, so are the plans and HR services we offer. Only pay for exactly what your business needs and work with a trusted HR team right in your neighborhood.

What We Do

Payroll and Employee Benefits

Make sure that payroll is processed accurately and efficiently with our simple-to-set-up payroll system. Arrange for direct deposits in a straightforward onboarding process and have easy access to all the payroll reporting you need. Impress hires even further with competitive employee benefits that we’ll find and manage for you.

Business Risk Analysis and Workers’ Compensation

Create a risk management plan that protects your Orem company from high financial losses and damaging litigations. Get in touch with us to run a complete business risk analysis and put in place proper measures for safety and mitigating risk like finding affordable workers’ compensation plans.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Alliance can even set up a convenient time clock app for your employees that integrates with your payroll processing system. We have the tools to manage all of your time and attendance tracking needs, from onboarding new employees smoothly into the system to giving your staff quick access to reports for accrued PTO hours and remaining vacation days.

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