Utah Businesses: What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation

No matter the size of your business or where you’re located in Utah, providing workers’ compensation insurance is something you need to be aware of. With a myriad of local

What Is a PEO: Definition and How to Choose One

Highlights Having a successful company is about more than just selling a lot and growing. You need to have a team of workers who are committed and happy to be

HR Best Practices to Foster Growth

Highlights Even if many small and medium-sized business owners may think of HR as somewhat of a burden, Human Resources plays a fundamental role in driving the success of companies.

Return to work resources

Return to Work Resources As various government authorities begin to implement business re-opening measures, businesses are now planning to move their employees back to the workplace as state and local

How to View Your Pay Stub

How to View Your Pay Stub ALL EXISTING EMPLOYEES You will need a Vfficient Account to view pay stubs. INSTRUCTIONS TO CREATE YOUR VFFICIENT ACCOUNT: Click the Vfficient Tab (above)

The Complete Guide for Finding a Payroll Solution in 2020

Finding the Right Small Business Payroll Service for YOU Let’s face it, payroll can be a real pain. For small business owners with limited time already, manually recording payroll, filing