Having a successful company is about more than just selling a lot and growing. You need to have a team of workers who are committed and happy to be part of your organization. To achieve this, you need a top-notch HR team. An excellent option is to have a strategic ally such as a PEO in this area. These partner companies can help you grow strategically, save resources, and free you from the operational burden of HR.

What is a PEO? We will explain it in this blog. We will also discuss how a co-employment relationship works, the benefits of PEO services, and the crucial steps to choosing the PEO that fits your company’s needs.

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What Is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization or PEO is a company that offers outsourcing of Human Resources services, allowing companies to lighten the load and focus on strategic tasks. According to NAPEO, PEO clients typically have between 10 and 99 employees, making PEOs particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.

But beware: Finding the right partner is complex. PEO services can vary, and companies considering such an agreement should carefully evaluate the services offered by different PEOs to ensure they meet their specific needs, especially considering other types of companies in the Human Resources industry, such as staffing companies and HROs.

Differences Between a PEO and Other Services

As we mentioned, some significant differences exist between PEOs, and the services offered by other business models in the HR outsourcing industry. The key differences you should know are:

Outsourcing HR to a PEO is not just a cost-effective measure; it’s a transformative step towards efficiency. 

How To Choose a PEO

If you are determined to hire a PEO to be your ally in the HR area, these are the things you should keep in mind to find the PEO that fits your company.

When selecting a PEO, take your time to evaluate options, ask questions, and choose one that suits your needs and can grow with your business.

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Focus Efforts on Company Growth With a Trusted PEO: Alliance

Are you looking for a PEO ally that can help you grow? At Alliance, we offer comprehensive and optimized solutions to simplify our clients’ HR processes. Our advanced systems and experienced staff ensure smooth payroll processing, efficient onboarding through eHire software, and thorough risk management analysis.

By acting as co-employers, we take care of your company’s HR and administrative responsibilities so you can focus on growth without the burden of routine tasks.

Our dedication as a PEO to reducing risk and costs is evident in our business risk analysis and cost-effective employee benefits services.

Small and medium-sized businesses that partner with us gain access to Alliance specialists who efficiently manage tasks such as time and attendance tracking, Workers’ Compensation, and other Human Resources tasks, making us an invaluable ally for companies looking to improve. Contact us today and discover the advantages of having a PEO for your Human Resources services!

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