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With the help of fully comprehensive onboarding software solutions, what once required hours of manually inputting information, can now be done with more ease and efficiency than ever before! So many components that revolve around onboarding, making the process overwhelming and confusing when attempted without the assistance of professional software services.

The following article discusses how new onboarding software solutions like those from Alliance Resource Services can help to eliminate hours of tedious work while smoothly transitioning in new employees without skipping a beat.

Easy Onboarding With eHire

With eHire onboarding software, the onboarding process becomes both simplified and streamlined. Smoothly integrate new hires into your business without any hassle or unnecessary work, while making a strong first impression about your company and its use of modern applications.

New hires in 2020 expect onboarding to be something of a digital process. Using onboarding software, new hires can directly input personal information into your system and complete general orientation with company policy and procedures. Depending on the new hire’s job requirements, onboarding software can also be used as a comprehensive training tool that can be referred back to for various tasks.

Get More Efficient With Electronic Onboarding

Aside from saving hours of time with traditional methods of onboarding, electronic onboarding software keeps important and private information infinitely more secure in a cloud-based system. This means your information will always be safe, organized, and accessible for both you and your employees, should information need to be updated or viewed.

Save yourself and your employees from time-consuming and tedious tasks with digital forms in which required information is clearly laid out. This guarantees more accurate and complete information, as well as creating a sense of security for your new employee.

Protect Your Business With Automated Human Resources

eHire and other onboarding softwares increase seamless integration, efficiency, security, and accessibility, saving you and your new hire from hassling with paperwork. However, onboarding softwares can also automate other HR procedures that can protect your business from costly liabilities.

For example, Alliance Resource Services offers our onboarding software along with licensed onboarding specialists from our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Their customer support and HR experience help to automate HR responsibilities and ensure that your business is up-to-date on all employee benefit and compliance laws from onboarding and beyond.

Transition To Speedy, Self-Service Onboarding

With Alliance Resource Services and our automated onboarding software, simply send all onboarding documents, employee manuals, and required forms directly to new hires with the click of a button. Any new employee will be able to access eHire on their computer or mobile device for faster, easier, and more convenient onboarding. Say goodbye to paper weight and hello to paperless solutions.

Contact Alliance Resource Services to learn more about integrating new onboarding software systems that make life and business easy-breezy!